Cheryl Schuh: DEM, CBS, BCIH, FAAIM, Distant Healer

Energy Medicine | Certified & Gifted in Multiple Healing Modalities

Cheryl is Gifted in communicating with whole body-mind-spirit systems to facilitate and support accelerated healing by accessing Energetic information from an individuals unique field. This energetic bio-print links all body systems; blockages are discerned and released energetically to accelerate healing. All work is done below conscious perception. Entrainment ensures the individual will develop and maintain new neuro-pathways that replace established PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) responses. This ensures a deeper more relaxed and positive mode of being, signaling your bodies cellular receptors into a downgraded, non-alarming state.It is my experience that Spirit disharmony always cascades down first into mental stressors and if left unresolved ultimately manifests into ailments of the physical; this combined with burdens of toxicity, lifestyle choices, diet, and environmental agitators (urban stress/traffic/artificial wireless frequencies “electro-smog”) all combine towards overwhelming the bodies capacity to maintain wellness.Cheryl is a member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and has just recently received a Fellowship for her outstanding work in this field. Cheryl is currently authoring two books: one on Spirit and Matter, and the second on Electro-Hypersensitivity.

An Intuitive Healer.

Learn fundamental truths in your personal body what dis-ease pathways are present and their emotional causation.

Disease Preventive-Medicine Expert

Disease proof your body.

Cheryl Can Help Support Changes to Lifestyle Patterns

Re-Sync Your Body Mind Spirit Connection through awareness.