Are you seeking a place of Divine Restoration & Healing?

EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS in the physical body also happens on the EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS. Proper healing means bringing ALL of these parts of yourself into balance.

We were designed to experience creative fulfillment, joy, love and abundance.
Cheryl Schuh

My work as a Master Healer will help you return to your true equilibrium, your unique Divine blueprint, where you can again rediscover a life that you were meant for.I will assist you in the release of the root of the problem, not just physical symptoms. I work in the field of Energetics as a Holistic, Divine Healer, Medical Intuitive and much much more. I am certified in multiple modalities but recognize that this is a true gift. The testimonials I have are based on results and results alone.

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Arm yourself with the tools needed beyond Will power to Skill-Power yourself into restoring harmony and ease. Will power alone sometimes is not enough against the myriad of stressors in our new modern reality. Knowing, protecting, and understanding is key.

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Cheryl offers an invaluable service to achieve a happier, healthier life experience. She gives you a step-up towards changing your health destiny, by disease proofing your body and by resetting it back into its natural blue-print for wellness, empowerment, and transformation.