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Cheryl is Certified and Gifted
in multiple healing modalities

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The Institute of Noetic
Sciences, IONS



$150.00 for a 1.5 hour Bioenergy Session
with follow-up call


"As you know, I discovered a mass in my left breast on the 10th Dec this year. It concerned me as I knew it was fairly new. I didn't know how long it was there for because I don't do routine breast self exams. I noticed it because the skin was red over that spot as well. I'm perimenopausal so I don't have monthly hormonal fluctuations which could create cysts.

You gave me a session subspace on the 12 Dec and by the 15th I could barely feel it, the redness gone. You gave me another session on the 19th. I've included an ultrasound picture from 11 Dec of the mass. It demonstrates mostly benign signs except it's not completely clear (the black area in the center of the picture) and there are multiple large arteries and veins converging on and around it. That was a concern. The second picture is from the 18 Dec showing the (black) mass now very small and the vessels much smaller and less numerous. Even if this mass was a benign cyst, it would not have resolved so quickly on it's own.

Knowing that this mass was the result of an emotional conflict I was working through (German New Medicine), and with your biofeedback assistance on downgrading this conflict as well as supporting my body, and resolving this mass, I am entirely grateful to you. Thank you. I wish more people would open their minds to energy medicine. It's amazing."



"Sammy is my nearly 17 years old cat, who was recently diagnosed with a locally aggressive terminal colon cancer.  The tumor was rapidly increasing in size, growing from not notable to a Loonie sized lump within days.  Sammy’s health was also quickly deteriorating; she was eating very little, unable to carry out vital life functions (elimination) and vomiting.  She was suffering greatly.
Cheryl has done 3 sessions on Sammy, two in person –hands on healing,  and one via distance.  Sammy is now eating well , playing with his treat-bag and now able to poop daily and carry out all vital life functions.  She is revitalized, playful and enjoying life as she always did.  The swelling from the tumor has gone down, and her quality of life has significantly improved.  I have faith that with Cheryl’s work Sammy will continue to self heal.
Cheryl has also done a session with me to relieve me of my grief and allow me to better support Sammy.  I have been able to find peace now that Sammy is happy and able to enjoy the remainder of her life. 
I could not ask for more for my loyal best friend."
With eternal gratitude,

-Rachel and Sammy

"After four weeks with severe neck pain that did not go away; I was left conducting all my affairs  with a heat pack around my shoulders to try and alleviate the pain and stiffness.  I went to a few Medical Professionals but was still unable to find relief.  I was told, call Cheryl, call Cheryl by family members.  I knew that Cheryl has had an endless stream of great results for illnesses and conditions; but I was a bit fearful about not knowing or understanding how this can be.  I could not find any relief so finally I had Cheryl do a series of 5 minutes hands on healing to the area.  The next day my pain was about 30% less, and the day after that 50% and the following day it was gone…after suffering for over four weeks.  I am  thrilled and won’t be so…stubborn next time.  I  promise!"


"After only ONE session with you in the beginning I have felt more energized than I have done in six months, I went for a jog two days in a row! My symptoms have decreased and my overall outlook is positive. I am absolutely delighted with my recovery, thank you sincerely."

-Paularose. (Ireland)

"Thank you for everything you did for us.  I will always be grateful.  You were the first one to get me on the right path and I will be forever grateful."

-Melanie K.

Dearest Cheryl,
"I am looking forward to another subspace treatment from you. I would like to articulate what has happened with me during our conversation, the sleep session as well as in the following weeks. You requested my photo and we spoke on the phone prior to our session, and asked me to drink water and go to sleep..

My sleep was deep. however in two hours I woke and rose to drink water, feeling refreshed. That night as I slept I remained in awareness with many concerns, not worries. The concerns were more like paying attention to the details of my healing process.. and I was as much a participant in that as you.

In the morning we spoke on the phone, and you listed the concerns about my condition that you found the night before. They were as if I had told you all of them myself! During that day, I began processing energy. It began at my head with very intense sensations, I admit some distress as the detox began at my head and over the first day travelled down my spine in balls of energy inch by inch, hour by hour. With each inch, I could feel radiating work happening in corresponding parts of my body, both in pain and in release of pain. But I must also say that alongside my distress was a feeling of "all is well and as it should be," and that this felt like it was my own work I was doing to heal myself.

Some interesting things have happened in my psyche as well.. you had mentioned the presence of compulsion in me. Yes, I had compulsion, now in the absence of it, it's like having an irrritant taken away from my skin and the scratchy drive to complain and react is gone. Secondly I am noticing I am freed from the "being normal" box that people have forced me into. There is no such thing as normal. Why people insist they must be like everyone else, and why people utliize every trick they can think of to force others to stay inside that range of what is considered normal is now a great source of comedy to me.

Finally I am free to create, and I have been doing so with enthusiasm and energy and great joyfulness. My roommate is responding to me with his own transformation of how he treats me, since I refuse to be boxed into normal conditioning, after a bit of conflict, he realises he himself has more freedom to do as he likes without imposing what he wants on me.

The stuff going on in my abdomen was a bit alarming.. I have balls of energy floating around my tummy. It's a little odd but I am getting use to the coming and going of those things now as a natural process of my healing work.

I look forward to meeting with you in subspace again for a follow-up.

With gratitude and blessings,"

-Donna Cale

"This is my testimonial that Cheryl does indeed perform miracles. We have and adopted daughter who was exposed to drugs and alcohol prenatally. She was a very spirited girl from day one. As time went on spirited turned into extremely difficult behaviors and violent rages. We put her on a strict non gluten, non dairy, no additives, no preservatives, no eggs, no beef, no fish. She was on this diet for 3 years. She was also on a very structured routine, and lots of sport activities. We were not able to eat in a restaurant and her variety was extremely limited. Everything she ate I made from scratch. The diet helped her behaviors but as time went on it wasn't working as well at I had hoped. Her behavior became alarmingly violent and unpredictable. She was put on medication and even that didn't help our situation. We observed that a lot of her behavior was linked to food. We had tried NAET (an accupressure technique used to eliminate allergies) and several other biofeedback practitioners with limited success. We were at the end of our hope for helping her and even wondering how much longer we could continue. A friend of mine recommended Cheryl to us and a few days later I received a call from Cheryl. It was actually the same day the other biofeedback practitioner told me she could no longer help us. So my husband and I decided it was a last hope for helping our daughter. So Cheryl told me a few days later she would do a session on her subspace. She did and the results were truly amazing. She now is eating all fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole wheat bread, and foods that previously would send her into a rage. She told me, mom I feel like a normal kid now, my body doesn't ache and I don't have a headache. She is happy and agreeable where before it seemed her goal was to annoy us any way she could. I am here to testify that Cheryl changed our lives literally, and I am going to book an appointment with her for myself."



"Not only has Cheryl changed the biochemistry of my life, she has changed the way I see the world, how I experience and interpret my reality and for the betterment of humankind. I have never been so calm, appreciative, connected, faithful and trusting in the universe in my life. I can notice the changes in my anxiety, before any sensory feeling, any feeling at all that I would have in my stomach or back which were just my body's sensory receptors, I would instinctively associate and determine those feelings as anxiety. So with the label, and the negative connotation that anxiety brings to my mental field I would become even more depressed and anxious as I continued to keep interpreting my body systems to be experiencing these unwanted feelings. Which made it even harder because I was now anxious, that I was experiencing anxiety. As Cheryl calls it the monkey mind, this is something that was a big problem for me, because I literally did sabotage everything good, because of fear, wrongfully interpreting my body and being completely disconnected.

The stigma of being labelled having bipolar disorder changed my life and focus, creating a larger gap of disconnection. I was preoccupied with researching on my disorder and my medication and the pills just became a reinforcement to me that I needed these pills because my brain and biological functioning would be inept without them. And ultimately knowing that without them, I would be in serious trouble because my doctors would not let me go off them, therefore my natural state of being prior to medication was something that needed to be medicated for the rest of my life. Therefore my disorder and my medication became a powerful part of my self concept and the hardest part became that I had no power of it. And lost my own power. I feel that the diagnosis and the medication take away a fundamental part of human nature, as in all aspects of life, health and healing require self work! This empowerment leads us to feel better about ourselves, to be able to experience life with our own unique sense's of purposes, that we can decide our destiny.

Our brain registers on a much higher level as we make the right choices for ourselves, fills us up with confidence and positivity. I had learned helplessness, where I was stripped of my self confidence, sense of purpose, where I became passive to a drug and had no power or voice in my own life. I am so completely blessed and thankful to have Cheryl do the remarkable work and pass along with me so much wisdom, love and kindness! She has changed my life!"

- L Dickson

"My story is a simple but profound experience with a fortuitous meeting of one of the most powerful women I’ve ever met.

I came to Cheryl after having dinner with a close friend of mine who was having severe health issues (alopecia, amongst other problems, at the young age of 30) that were cured by Cheryl’s biofeedback treatments. She said that it was amazing what Cheryl could tell you about your health, both emotionally and physically.

Having recently given birth to my second child in 18 months, I was sleeping poorly, (and not because of the babies, they were fine!) feeling unbalanced and suffering from anxiety that I didn’t recognize. I couldn’t stop spinning negative thoughts out of control all day and all night long! My hormones had also left me with Candida and other minor but irritating health problems. I’d seen Doctor after Doctor, both Naturopathic and Medicinal but not much was helping, aside from the recommended diet of celery and water.

I set off to Cheryl in an excited but wary state; I like to think of myself as an open minded sceptic. I’d never done anything like this before and was curious but not convinced…yet.

I sat in her chair, tight-lipped and silent, I wanted to see what this biofeedback could really read. In the first few minutes Cheryl nailed all my health issues exactly, even telling what kind of yeast was problematic in my system (I also knew the name of it from Vega testing a few days before). She even told me what kind of dreams I was having that were interrupting my sleep. Then, and here comes the good part, she told me she could heal me. I went to sleep in her chair whilst Cheryl tapped buttons and made things right. It seems like a ludicrously easy fix, though you do have to do your own work of eating healthy and taking care of yourself. Anyway, I left feeling ecstatically light, though she said I might feel drained for the next three days, I felt better than I’d felt in years. I had a delicious sleep and continue to do so.

My allergies, though not altogether gone, are so minor now I can sit in the same room as a cat without starting a world histamine war with my body!
Gone are my sleepless nights, lethargic attitude, Candida, anxiety and never ending negative thoughts.

In it’s place, Cheryl has established a place of peace, balance and lightness of being unbeknownst to my old self.
Cheryl is a gifted healer and a Gift. In combination with biofeedback her work presents a rare opportunity for healing body, mind and soul.
I feel blessed to have been given even a small amount of time with this celestial woman!"

- Dr. L Norman


"Cheryl is about possibilities. Whatever I have wanted to heal physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually she opens the channels to make that possible. I feel so much more positive it's like a heavy, dead weight from my past has been lifted. I am grateful for her purity of intent. She is delightful and genuine."

-Michelle Pfeiffer


"I was very impressed with Cheryl's work, and more touched by the way she connects the mind, body and spirit in one whole healing process; as you cannot heal one part whilst leaving the others out. She is highly sensitive to your needs, very knowledgeable about her work as well as thorough in her healing. I have experienced a dramatic improvement with Cheryl’s support.

-Aruna Ladva Kuwait, Middle East (High level Yogi, Seminar Leader, Spiritual Teacher)


"I was not paying attention while brushing my hair and I somehow managed to strike my eye. It was excruciating and after 24 hours it was still unbearable. I went to see a Doctor who determined a large chunk of my cornea was gouged with a very deep puncture in the center. I was extremely uncomfortable and ultra-sensitive to light. I called Cheryl Schuh that evening and she did an hoursubspace session on my eye; I lay down throughout this process and felt much activity in the area and throughout my body. The next morning I followed up with my Doctor first thing; she was shocked and exclaimed with absolute amazement that 95% of the gouge had healed already only leaving a very small area where the deep puncture was still pending. She noted this as extremely surprising and unusual. This was just with one session! I too am relieved and grateful that this horrible accident is now more than manageable and without any medicine or antibiotics I am days from total recovery and am without pain! Thank you Cheryl."

- A. LaChappell


"I have suffered from lower back discomfort and numbness in my left leg as a result of my lower disc being out of line. This has been going on for the past 8 months, I have not been able to exercise or work in my profession as a result of the discomfort. I underwent a CT scan and was then referred to a back specialist in order to fix the problem. The back specialist advised me that if I did not have my back cracked over a period of several visits, my back would never align and would be unable to heal. He informed me that whatever I tried it would be no good, nothing else would work, the only option was to have my spine manipulated. I was not keen on having my back cracked and looked for an alternate option, which is when I decided to have Cheryl work on my back using her healing skills. Having undergone a session with Cheryl in the past, I was comfortable knowing that the procedure was a very relaxing and comfortable experience, unlike the prospect of having my spine manipulated. I underwent a session with Cheryl and the night of, I had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. The following day I did not notice the results, but by the second day I woke up to find my lower back was not stiff as usual, nor were my lungs sore from the muscular pressure being applied by my back! I was so limber!

I had a huge pressure removed from the lower back and lungs, I was no longer moving gingerly to accommodate my back, nervous I would make it worse. It was unbelievable. By the fourth day I cannot explain why this pressure is no longer there, but it is the most wonderful feeling and better yet I didn’t have to have my back cracked or my spine manipulated as well the numbness in my leg had COMPLETELY disappeared! I would suggest everybody look outside the box and go in with an open mind, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain through this wonderful experience. Look forward to many more sessions in the future."

- A. Maman


"Cheryl, I am so glad that I met you, I am a skeptic & a born again Christian. Funny mixture eh? But I look for the best in the world & the good in people. I was really looking forward to our subspace session on Thursday AM.. The next morning afterwards as I walked into work ( nursing home where I am an occupational therapist) my boss said to me “ You look refreshed”. I felt quite different all day up & down and very productive. That night as I lay my head on the pillow I felt arms of God’s love all about me, then fell into a deep sleep. Later that night I had great peace not felt in a long time & above all I felt loved. I also had a dream that I was traveling in some kind of foot propelled vehicle (which I did not recognize). It was low to the ground and manoeuvred with ease. I rode to all kind of places mostly by water & on boats. It was a particularly vivid dream which left a lasting & moving impression of freedom on me. Strangely when I got home on Saturday I had received a rehab magazine with a picture of the same vehicle on the front cover. Just wanted to say I have been very productive this weekend with lots of energy,very unusual for me!"

- F.Boyd, (Occupational Therapist) Lincoln Nebraska, USA

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